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Would You Train Your Sales People For 45 Minutes Every Day? Listen To Tory Hornsby

January 22nd, 2016

Would you invest 45 minutes every day in training your sales people?  That's at least 10% of their time every day!  Listen to Tory Hornsby, COO of Power Sports Marketing discuss how he invests this time every day in developing the skills of the team.

The payoff?  Over 25% growth year over year, and huge increases in sales productivity.

This is one of the most fun interviews I've done.  Tory shares his formula for success in driving the highest levels of performance from his sales teams.  It's not only the time they invest, but it's the structure of how they conduct the training meetings, the value of repetition in cementing skills, and how they get ownership within the team for the training and new skills development.

Listen to this interview, outright copy Tory's approach--but commit to the investment in developing your people for the long term.  I'm certain you'll see your results skyrocket!


As a separate podcast note, I'm pleased to introduce you to Chris Frascella.  Chris is our podcast manager.  He's really going to up the quality of each podcast and help me up the volume of materials we make available for podcasts.

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