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Selling In A Covid-19 World

December 7th, 2020

In Q1/2020, the world turned upside down.  Covid-19 was spreading around the world.  Businesses, Schools, Social Events, Communities went into various types of shut down.  Work from home, Distancing, PPE became part of our lexicon.

This didn't mean businesses shut down, they just changed.  For sales people, it changed not only where we worked, but how we worked--with our customers and with each other.

We adopted new methods and tools to work with our customers.  Customer engagement and selling started going virtual.  We leveraged traditional tools, the telephone, email, text, Slack, social networking and other technologies.  We leveraged newer video technologies like Zoom, Teams, collaborative white boarding and other tools.

But sales success, customer and employee engagement is much more than just the tools.  It's about connecting with people in new ways.

Every organization is learning what this means and how to effectively sell.  Join me as I talk to Lisa Pope, Executive Vice President of Americas Sales for Epicor.  We had a fascinating conversation about how her team adapted, what they've learned, and where they are going.


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